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Wild and Crazy Thursday

Today has been an especially hectic day!  Actually, it's only been crazy the last few hours, but crazy nonetheless!  It all started when I picked up the kids from school.  We had to take Oakley, our yellow lab, to the vet because Jordan found a lump under her arm on Tuesday night.  I pick up Jordan at 3 pm and Layla and Logan at 3:30.  Oakley's appointment was at 4, so I didn't have a lot of time to waste.  I picked up Jordan and took him home, got Oakley and went to wait for Layla and Logan.  When they finally got to the car I remembered I had to go to the bank before I could go to the vet.  So I had to go to the far north side of town to the bank and back to the south side of town to get to the vet, but we made it right on time!  The vet felt Oakley's lump and aspirated some cells out of it with a needle to check under the microscope and decided it was a lipoma, a fatty tumor.  Usually, these are just left alone and don't really cause a problem but Oakley's is in her armpit and if it grows too large could hinder her movement or all the nerves in her front leg.  He wanted to take it out now before it gets too big.  I was glad it was nothing life threatening but I was not expecting to have to leave her there when I left.  I know she'll be fine but the kids were kinda sad that she had to stay and couldn't come home with us.  

The rest of the evening was supposed to be routine with homework, soccer practices, dinner, and bedtime.  Well when we got home from the vet, I remembered that we had library books to turn in so we got in the car again and took those back.  When we returned it was time to get soccer gear on and ready for practice.  Layla has been complaining about her ankle hurting for a couple days so we decided that she should stay home and ice it and just rest.  Chris has been working  at the Apache funeral home that my stepdad owns (have I mentioned that Chris is a funeral director apprentice while studying to pass the National Board exam?)  Anyway, Apache is about an hour away from our town, so he was going to be running late to practice (he's a coach on both Layla and Logan's soccer teams).  I took Jordan to one field and Logan to another and then Layla and I headed to Walmart for groceries.  If you saw my Facebook Live video last Friday night you know our Walmart is being completely rearranged and so nothing is where it is supposed to be!  After an hour trying to find everything we needed I have a basket full of groceries and I'm headed to the check out when my phone rings and it's Jordan.  His practice shouldn't be over yet so the fact that he was calling was strange.  He says practice is over because there's a tornado warning in Empire, a town a few miles south of us!  I tell him that I will call Chris who by this time is at Logan's practice just a couple blocks away from Jordan's field.  Chris answers and says it's really windy and fixing to rain so they ended their practice and he will get Jordan.  All is well, or so I think!  Layla and I check out and get to the doors of the store and it's pouring down rain and the wind is blowing pretty bad!  We hang out for a minute and decide to go ahead and go to the car because I don't know how long it's supposed to last or if the storm is just gonna get worse!  I get to the car and tell Layla to get in and I proceed to load the groceries into the car IN THE RAIN!  By the time I get finished I'm soaked and I still have to unload them when I get home!

So now I'm sitting here writing this recap of my last few hours while my kids are still up doing homework because we haven't been home long enough for them to even read for the 20 minutes they're supposed  to read each day!  However, we have had dinner, I'm dry, and now I hope I can just relax for a bit and head to bed! Hope your day was calmer than mine!

Thanks for reading this! I didn't intend for it to be so long but I got carried away!



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